Dan Belforti is running for U.S. Congress to shrink the excessive spending, taxes, and authority of the federal government.

Dan Belforti

Dan Belforti is the investment manager and owner of Belforti Investments in Portsmouth, NH. Prior to moving to NH in 1999, Dan was employed by Merrill Lynch and Tucker Anthony as an investment management consultant.

He began his career at General Electric Aerospace as both a systems engineer and financial analyst. Dan earned a full-scholarship MBA to UMass/Amherst (3.83 GPA and Class President) and a BS in electrical engineering from UMass/Lowell.

Dan is a member of the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee, Mensa, Libertarian Party of NH, Cato Institute and other pro-freedom organizations. From October 2004 to present, Dan hosts a political talk show (leftrightandcorrect.org) on Portsmouth Community Radio (106.1FM or streaming audio) each Friday from Noon to 1pm.

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Dan Belforti Will Work Toward:Your Benefits:

Reducing foreign entanglements and commitments unnecessary for U.S. security

Preserving military resources necessary to protect the nation (see Cato.org for more info)

Promotes peace and prosperity while encouraging voluntary cooperation from other nations

Reduces the likelihood of future terrorist attacks

Replacing the federal income & capital gains tax with a national sales tax on consumption (FairTax.org)

Eliminating corporate subsidies and other wasteful federal spending

Balancing the federal budget every year

Eliminates tax filing, workers / retirees keep entire paycheck, pre-rebate reimburses taxes on basics

Creates millions of new private sector jobs

Dramatically stimulates the world economy

Assessment of pollution user fees instead of huge federal subsidies to oil/gas/coal/nuclear industries

Protects the environment by creating financial incentives to use cleaner and safer energy sources

Strengthening Social Security with optional personal retirement accounts for younger workers

Creates a sustainable system necessary to honor obligations to retirees and future generations

Ending the wasteful and destructive federal war on non-violent drug users

Respecting individual state rights allowing doctors to prescribe medicinal marijuana

Redirects police & prison resources toward prevention & prosecution of violent crime

Empowers cancer/AIDS patients and their doctors to relieve suffering, regain appetite and reduce nausea

Repealing the unconstitutional, invasive, and ineffective "Patriot Act"

Restores your civil rights to property & privacy

Ending excessive federal government controls over health care

Expand health savings accounts and health care vouchers

Reduces the cost of health care and Rx drugs while encouraging innovation and preventive care

Eliminating the one-size-fits-all federal Department of Education mandates

Empowers parents, teachers and school boards to improve education through school choice initiatives

The incumbent Republican Congressman, Jeb Bradley, received only a C+ rating from the National Taxpayers Union, opposes reforms to strengthen Social Security and voted to authorize prosecution of medicinal marijuana patients.